High Security Window Screen

High Security Window Screen: Maximum Protection with Uncompromising Clarity

At Alex Manufacturer SDN BHD, we are a top-tier supplier, distributor, and contractor for a wide array of wire mesh products, including our premium High Security Window Screen.

Optimal Materials and Specifications:

Our High Security Window Screen is meticulously crafted from SUS304 stainless steel wire, featuring an 11 mesh construction for reinforced strength. With a wire diameter of 0.8mm and a hole size of 1.5mm per piece, our screens are designed to offer high-security without compromising visibility. Each piece measures 1.2M x 2.4M, finished with a black color power coating to enhance durability and resist corrosion.

High-Grade Security Features:

Engineered for enhanced safety, our High Security Window Screens withstand a destructive force of up to 2.148 tons, offering superior protection against break-ins. Beyond security, these screens also provide an effective barrier against pests such as rats, snakes, flies, and mosquitoes, without obstructing ventilation.

Unrivaled Advantages:

Our High Security Window Screens offer a host of benefits:

  1. Enhanced Security: Impenetrable for both intruders and pests.
  2. Fall Protection: Ensures safety, especially for children and the elderly.
  3. Transparent Visibility: Offers clear views with no sense of confinement.
  4. Emergency-Efficient: Easy to open for a quick escape in case of emergency.
  5. Energy Efficient: Allows airflow, reducing the need for air conditioning.
  6. Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean using a vacuum, sponge, or brush.
  7. UV Protection: Blocks up to 30% of UV rays, protecting your skin.
  8. User-Friendly Design: Softened corners to minimize potential harm.
  9. Eco-Friendly: Manufactured using environmentally friendly materials.
  10. Versatile Application: Ideal for high-end residences and villas.

Trust Alex Manufacturer SDN BHD for your High Security Window Screen needs. We ensure quality, security, and durability with every product, tailored to your precise requirements.


Alex Manufacturer SDN BHD,Professional in: Anti-climb & Anti-cut fence. Stainless Steel High Security Window Screen. Metal Wire Mesh. Stainless Wire Mesh. Fencing Mesh. Razor Wire. We are professional in wire mesh.That is all we do. High quality has always been our creed. Low price with high quality. We are not a distributor.  We manufacture all of our products.We believe in customer first. We provide security solution. We provide service with customized services. We protect you and your family. We serve you people-oriented. We want you safer and closer to nature.

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