Military Explosion Proof Wall

Explosion-proof wall: Also known as anti-theft net, it is an important form of modern warfare and flood prevention. In actual use, by filling the cage with stones, sand or soil, So as to form a sturdy barbed wire protection wall, which can be folded due to its installation recommendations.

It is easy to carry and is widely used in modern warfare! The explosion-proof wall net is different from the traditional gabion net. Not only can it be filled with stones, but even finer sand can be filled, and the filling materials can be taken on-site, It is especially suitable for use in the lower reaches of rivers or seashores where there is no shortage. With the help of advanced tools such as excavators and forklifts, The installation efficiency is dozens or even hundreds of times that of traditional sandbags.

Easy to use and fast to build, it can be deployed at any time when needed, Use construction vehicles to take materials from the spot to fill the wall with sand, Both pebbles and pebbles can be loaded into it, and it can be quickly built to satisfy.

The required fortifications, which saved a lot of physical strength of the soldiers, You can devote yourself to the battle more fully, In addition, this kind of wall has a certain degree of protection.


1. Strong tensile force, corrosion resistance
2. Long service life, can be reused
3. The construction is quick and easy, which can ensure the safe realization of the anti-explosion function;
4. Flexible structure, maintenance-free system; space saving; fast path construction.
5. Explosion-proof: The explosion-proof wall system made of durable steel has superior explosion-proof performance. Passed multiple tests and certifications recognized at home and abroad;
6. The wall is light in weight, which can greatly reduce the load requirements of the entire explosion-proof building. It has more structural advantages than traditional methods; effectively reduces the cost of civil construction


High-quality low-carbon steel wire welding, superb galvanizing process to prevent rust, It is packed with high-quality geotextile, and finally assembled and folded.


Used with non-woven geotextile, widely used in military defense and border protection Special explosion-proof nets for military exercises, as military equipment, can be applied to combat troops for riot control, Temporary bunkers, fortresses, and pre-war headquarters for EOD to replace traditional artificial trenches, Can effectively block the attack of guns and bullets.

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