Anti Climb Fencing Mesh Panel

Alex Manufacturer Sdn Bhd, We are main supplier , distributer and contractor for BRC Fencing , Perimeter Fencing, Anti Climb Fencing, Razor Wire , Barb Wire, Building safety Netting , Wire Mesh, Crimped Wire Mesh, Welded Mesh.

The Anti Climb fencing malaysia system is approved with Secured by Design as an effective form of crime prevention, so it’s also as know as “Security fencing”. The panel mesh is tightly configured (the hole size 12.5mm x 75mm) as there are no toe or finger holds.

The anti climb fencing malaysia is available from 1.8m to 3m high and the panels are manufactured using 4mm thick wires. Security toppings such as barbed wire can be added to all heights as a way to enhance security further.

The Anti-Climb fencing is a unique perimeter security product system, it maintains a guarded display of visual screening and deter an attack. The distinguishing feature of Alex Manufacturer Sdn Bhd Anti-Climb Fencing is the Anti-Scale and Anti-Cut and Anti Climb welded wire mesh. This makes it very difficult to get a foothold on this fence, and the cutting implements required to sever its welded heavy steel wire cannot fit into the minimal spaces of the mesh. Alex Manufacturer Sdn Bhd Anti-Climb Fencing can be used as a platform for communication and video cables, intrusion detection/fiber optic cables, access control wiring and conduits.

The Anti-climb fencing advantages:

  • Anti-climb and anti-cut, more security.
  • Surface treatment by Hot Dipped Galvanized or Powder coated for corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Multi height standard options.
  • Support V-Bends, more strength and rigidity.
  • Use square pole, maximum security and strength.
  • Professional installations team and technical support.

POWDER COATED12.5MM75MM120024004.0MM
POWDER COATED12.5MM75MM150024004.0MM
POWDER COATED12.5MM75MM180024004.0MM
POWDER COATED12.5MM75MM210024004.0MM
POWDER COATED12.5MM75MM240024004.0MM
POWDER COATED12.5MM75MM270024004.0MM
POWDER COATED12.5MM75MM300024004.0MM

Specifications–Anti-Climb Fence
Benefits–Anti-Climb Fence
Anti-Climb, Protects against cut-through, Increased delay factor, Excellent visability, Vandal resistant, Compliments CCTV, Versatile, Cost effective

Type of Wire: High Tensile Steel Wire, Wire Diameter: 4.0mm, Hole Size: 75mm * 12.5mm , Width:2.4meters, Height: 1 meter to 6 meters, Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanized to BS 729

Typical Applications–Anti-Climb Fence: High Security Sites, Schools, Industrial parks, Business parks

Anti Climb Fence Installation Tutorial Concrete, show how to installation Alex Manufacturer Sdn Bhd Anti climb fencing Anti cut fencing of concrete..

Anti Climb Fence Installation Tutorial using wall plug, show how to installation Alex Manufacturer Sdn Bhd Anti climb fencing Anti cut fencing using wall plug.

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