Crimped Mesh

Crimped Wire Mesh: The Ideal Blend of Strength and Flexibility

At Alex Manufacturer SDN BHD, we serve as a leading supplier, distributor, and contractor for a wide range of wire mesh products, including the uniquely designed Crimped Wire Mesh.

High-Quality Materials for Optimum Performance:

Our Crimped Wire Mesh is crafted from superior materials such as Stainless Steel wire (301 /302 /304/ 304L /316 /316L/ 321), Iron Wire, Redrawing Wire, and Annealed Wire. This diverse material selection ensures our product’s performance meets your requirements for any given application.

Unique Weaving for Enhanced Durability:

Featuring distinctive weaving styles, our Crimped Wire Mesh is crimped before weaving, double crimped, or single crimped based on the needs of your project. This variety in weaving styles not only enhances the mesh’s durability but also its flexibility, making it suitable for diverse applications.

Features that Stand Out:

Our Stainless Steel Crimped Wire Mesh offers excellent resistance against heat, acid, alkaline, and corrosion, making it a durable choice for various environments. Its firm structure further enhances its resilience, ensuring it stands up to rigorous use.

Versatile Applications:

Given its unique features and properties, our Stainless Steel Crimped Wire Mesh finds its applications in a multitude of industries. These include food processing, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, machinery, protection, construction, and arts and crafts. Whether you need it for filtering, supporting, decorating, or protecting, our Crimped Wire Mesh is a reliable solution.

Choose Alex Manufacturer SDN BHD for your Crimped Wire Mesh needs. We ensure quality, versatility, and durability in every product, meeting your exact requirements with precision and expertise.


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