Hight Tensile Barbed Wire

APPLICATIONS • Alex Manufacturer Sdn Bhd’s High Tensile Barbed Wire is specifically designed for enclosing livestock. • Excellent choice for establishing boundary limits. • Perfect solution for defending crops against intruders.

PRODUCT DETAILS • Each High Tensile Barbed Wire roll provided by Alex Manufacturer Sdn Bhd weighs 25 kg and spans over 500 meters.

UNIQUE FEATURES • Treated with a Class 3 zinc coating for improved longevity. • Alex Manufacturer Sdn Bhd’s High Tensile Barbed Wire boasts superior strength. • Meticulously designed for heavy-duty usage. • Surpasses the ASTM A-121 standards, illustrating our commitment to quality.

EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS • With Alex Manufacturer Sdn Bhd’s High Tensile Barbed Wire, enjoy cost and time efficiency owing to fewer post installations in comparison to standard low carbon barbed wire. • Promises a straightforward and fast installation process. • Prioritizes user safety with a protective cardboard wraparound to guard against wire barbs. • Outlives traditional barbed wire, making it a smart investment. • Our High Tensile Barbed Wire stands firm against stretching and sagging, a common issue with low tensile wire.

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