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Marketing leading Security Fencing & Wire Mesh supplier. Lowest price and best quality both, ready stock and manufacturer factory to save your cost.

BRC Fencing are welded with top and bottom “rolled” edges. The hole size 50mm x 150mm. Low cost with good strength.

Anti Climb Fencing panel mesh is tightly configured (the hole size 12.5mm x 75mm) as there are no toe or finger holds.

Razor barbed wire, A sharp razor – type barbed wire buckle into the belly when both beautiful and play a very good deterrent effect.

Perimeter fence, will be embedded in the design of the net piece of groove to make the fence can not be removed as a whole.

Chain link fence also called vinyl coated or plastic coated chain link mesh is woven accurately with PVC wire in green or black color.

Expanded Metal Mesh are simultaneously slit and expanded to form diamond shaped openings of uniform size and thickness

Building Safety Net is made from high density polyethylene(HDPE). Draw the wire then weave the wire in specific way.

Security Window Screen made of stainless steel wire outer protective adopt electrostatic spraying with high rust destructive power.

Razor Wire Straight Line has a sharp appearance, high-strength wire, so that the product combines the good effect deter, damage difficult.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh products are generally made of stainless steel of Type 304, Type 304L, Type 316 and Type 316L.

Welded wire mesh is made of high quality low carbon steel wire, then surface treatment like galvanized or pvc coated.

Farm Fencing also call as cow fence,  the hole size not same, is from small to big so can save the cost with good effects.

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Marketing leading Security Fencing & Wire Mesh supplier. Lowest price and best quality both, ready stock and manufacturer factory to save your cost.


We are professional security fencing & wire mesh supplier. High quality has always been our creed.


We manufacturer all our products. We produce quality and value for customers at a fair and reasonable price.


We believe in customer first. We are not only provide products, We provide security fencing solution and professional installation.


We protect your family. We serve you people-oriented, and want you safer and closer to nature.

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Leading security fencing & wire mesh supplier


We are manufacturer factory, wo produce our products to save your cost.

National delivery, we have our lorry convoy to support whole west malaysia delivery.

All products with ready stock, confirm order then delivery to save your time.

All products can be customize adapt to your various needs.

Our Clients including Malyasia large companies in various industries. Including Kone, LOW KENG HUAT, IJM PETRONAS, SUNWAY, etc.

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